Alvo Stockman - BOSS

Alvo Stockman - BOSS

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Alvo Stockman has a great name (it's almost so good it's unreal!) and some great magic. His trick, BOSS is great and what caught my eye was just how damn clever the method is!

The effect is performed for a couple. In clear, capital letters you write the word "Love" on a business card in permanent marker and show it to both man and womanat the same time(that's not important to layman, but I italicised it because it highlights how clever the method is!). You then fold the card and give it to the woman to put in her pocket. Have them each think about the last time they really felt that feeling with their partner.When they've each quietly thought of the last time, ask them to clear their minds of everything you've talked about -- have them only remember that feeling.. that warm, loving feeling. You ask them to recall the word they saw you write, The woman will indeed have seen "LOVE." The man however, will swear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the word he saw was "SEX." The lady immediately pulls the card out to show her man what a "man" he really is!If the whole love and sex thing isn't for you, word on the street is that Alvo will be releasing other versions using different words. We'll definitely stock that if/when it comes out.

For those that already own this trick (if so, why are you even reading this?!), check out the BOSS logo for a funny in gag.

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