David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried - Solomon's Notes (PDF Download)

David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried - Solomon's Notes (PDF Download)

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David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried - Solomon's Notes






A 27 Page booklet which includes:


Business Card Prediction ??C In a fair and disarming process, the spectator selects a playing card which turns out to be the prediction found printed on the magician??s business card. This is a perfect way to mystify the group for which you are performing and leave them with your business card.

Just Friends ??C The spectator cuts the deck into four packets. Each of the four Kings is clearly cut into each packet. Magically, the Kings reappear in the hands of the magician. If that was not enough, each packet is subsequently turned face-up to reveal a Queen at the face.

Jamesway Poker ??C An unusual poker deal which uses a principle from the genius of Stuart James to accomplish the effect. When you do the effect ending in a Royal Flush, you will fool yourself. This is almost a self-working trick.

Royal Mayo ??C A variation of Bill Goodwin??s ???Hold The Mayo??? from his 1986 lecture notes. My addition is a good patter story as well as a surprising climax.

Marlo/Gardner/Britland Poker Deal ??C A three phase poker deal based on the original Marlo/Gardner poker deal, but in the finally, the spectator is allowed to switch hands with the dealer multiple times only to give the dealer the winning hand. This can be performed by a beginner, but is described for the card expert.

Blank Thought ??C A spectator is told to make his mind a blank, ant then to think of any playing card. The two Jokers are placed onto the deck and a card appears between them. When the card is shown it is blank. ???Oh,??? the magician says, ???you have to release that thought and think of the card that you have selected.??? The blank card then magically becomes the selected card.

Revised Mexican Poker ??C This is the poker routine that John Bannon, Tomas Bloomberg and I invented in 1999. It has become a classic and many professional magicians are performing it on the stage with jumbo cards.

SolMar Ace Assembly Updated ??C In 1979 I invented the kick back climax to an Ace Assembly. With Edward Marlo this variation in my opinion is on the cutting edge to surprise spectators after a traditional Ace Assembly.


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