Think Pink by Ran Pink the Complete Edition PDF ebook

Think Pink by Ran Pink the Complete Edition PDF ebook

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Ran Pink - Think Pink the Complete Edition


Mentalists the world over have their devious secret methods that many simply refuse to share with others. Working mentalists likeRichard OsterlindandBanachekhave revealed some of their secrets, and books like Tony Corinda's13 Steps to Mentalismfurther reveal the secrets of mentalism.

Now comes Ran Pink, with his work on the center tear. Considered one of the most clever methods of retrieving information, the Center Tear will completely disarm your spectator and convince them that you haven't done a thing, when you've clearly done it right in front of them. Get Think Pink now and discover what the word secret really means!

13 pages crammed with detailed instructions
illustrated with color photographs
Looks completely fair to the spectator
buttonYigal Mesika recommends this method for his phenomenal
Electric Touch System

Imagine being able to read minds. A stranger is thinking of an old friend who lives thousands of miles away. With Think Pink in your arsenal you will be able to describe and then name the thought of person. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and the simple techniques taught in this manual. The full color photographs illustrate every move making this new technique for the center tear so easy to learn

  • Can be performed anytime. Everything looks natural. The secret information is written on the center of the paper. Can be done with business cards,index cards or any paper.
  • no switching,stealing palming or preparation.
  • the paper never leaves the audience's sight. You tear the paper to 1/16th its original size while your head is turned away.
  • allows you to show the papers from all sides during and after the tear and still access the information in a direct but very subtle manner. The information appears horizontally, upright and easy to read.
  • Think Pink is ideal for one-word descriptions, names, dates and numbers.PERFECTfor an effect likeWayne Houchin's Stigmata!