3rd Dimension Telepathy By Paul Voodini PDF

3rd Dimension Telepathy By Paul Voodini PDF

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Paul Voodini - Third Dimension Telepathy

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In 2011, Paul Voodini changed the face of the Q&A show with his groundbreaking 'Pure Q&A'. Returning to the arena of the Q&A show, Paul now brings us '3rd Dimension Telepathy: Q&A for the Naked Generation'!

Imagine an ungimmicked Q&A show with no one-aheads, no stooges, no pre-show, no peeks, and no electronics! Now imagine that same Q&A show, but utilising imagery from a classic two person telepathy show! The performer and a legitimate volunteer work together to answer questions posed by the audience, questions that are genuinely unseen and unknown to the performer!

Paul also covers the use of Tarot cards in a Q&A show, and bibliomancy – a form of divination whereby answers are provided by the interpretation of phrases found within normal books. You will also discover Paul's 'Little Book of Fate', a multi-faceted tool that every mentalist should have in his/her armoury.

3rd Dimension Telepathy sees Paul once more pushing back the boundaries of mentalism.


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