Larry Becker - World of Super Mentalism I (PDF eBook Download)

Larry Becker - World of Super Mentalism I (PDF eBook Download)

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Larry Becker – World of Super Mentalism 1

A baffling collection of mind staggering demnstrations of ESP by one of the world’s most creative mentalists, Larry Becker. These are truly fabulous efects. They’ve literallly floored knowledgeable magicians. They’ve fooled the living daylights out of laymen. Larry Becker’s World of super Mentalism is packed with usable, practical material.

* Its in the bag – the thoughts of three spectators are correclty revealed. A no-gimmick mental miracle
* Four – Told An entertaining horoscope reading climaxed by a prediction
* Some Total One of the finest “addition effects” ever conceived
* Loraynes Mental Masterpiece
* Astro DiceDiscern number on a die hidden beneath a cup
* Perpelexing ESP plaques – 3 effects
* Hot Seat – A bafling stage prediction using four spectators, four chairs and an exxtremely simple method

Plus 20 more complete mentalism routines and effects