Radek Makar - Eastern Moves (PDF Download)

Radek Makar - Eastern Moves (PDF Download)

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Radek Makar - Eastern Moves


"The clips do look impressive."- Jonathan Townsend (the creator of 3fly)

"Radek Makar is a magical breath of fresh air when it comes to coin magic. Radek takes all the hard moves and makes them easy to learn and with a little practice, much easier to do. I love his stuff and you will too as Mr. Makar cuts himself some real space with this one and and enters the room of top coin men and shows them a thing or two or three from the East."- Marion Boykin
Creating something truly amazing and novel in coin magic is quite a bit more difficult than say with cards, because the amount of possible combinations is much more limited with coins than with cards. Keeping this in mind makes Radek Makar'sEastern Movesa remarkable publication. The effects he creates are clear, clean and totally amazing. To be frank, I have rarely seen such masterful and creative work with coins. See the videos below for yourself.
Radek doesn't use any gimmicks. You can do his routines with any coin, any time, anywhere.
In Radek's own words
I would like to present you a set of truly magical, simple routines that will shock, amaze and what is the most important entertain your audience. The routines are magical and simple to follow from the spectator’s point of view, nobody said all the techniques are easy to master. Read, practice and amaze!
You will learn seven useful techniques, two amazing flourishes and six routines.

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