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From the introduction by Luke Jermay:

“At some point in every magician or mentalist’s performance career they will find the need to employ a crib. A crib is simply a hidden collection of information. Many performers use cribs rather than having to remember large amounts of information.
Common uses for a crib are the word lists used in many popular book tests such as Ted Karmilovich’s “Mother Of All Book Tests” or magazine tests such as Steve Thompson’s “Glance.” Using a crib here is a good choice, since the methods for these routines call for you to remember a large set of words.

I use my “Really Useful Sharpie Crib” in every performance I give. I have two of the cribs onstage on the two pens I use throughout the show. On these pens I have my personal word list for my book test “Illumination” as well as a basic magic square grid, a progressive anagram sequence and finally the cards which make up a force pack I use in my opening routine. Obviously I do not need all of this information on the pens. However, I like to think of the crib as a backup; an insurance in case of a sudden mind freeze onstage. I know everything is sitting there, silently waiting for me, in case I ever need it. I do, however, still firmly believe it is well worth the effort to remember the information needed.

In this package you have been given my crib template ready for you to customize to your own specific needs. When you open the crib template file you will see that it already features some information. I did this to show you my preferred ‘layout’ in my own performances. I decided to use popular word lists and effects, such as an instant magic square, on the off chance that you already perform these effects and then you wouldn’t need to customize the template at all!”