The Clock King from Anthony Black (PDF Download)

The Clock King from Anthony Black (PDF Download)

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Anthony Black - The Clock King

The Clock King


What if you could predict the exact hour of your death?

Right down until the exact minute...

Would you really want to know?

You tell the tale of George, a distant relative of yours. A man obsessed with time...The Clock King!

A man obsessed with the time of his own death...

You and your audience member will play a little game...something rather peculiar happens...

But just as all seems hopelessly lost...there is a chance of redemption for your volunteer.

Your selected volunteer is presented with a gift, a piece ofReal Magick...

Something which will change their life in a positive way forever...for the better...

Something which they willalwaysremember...
Until the end of time...

*Very Easy To Perform

*Does NOT Use Playing Cards

*Leave Your Selected Audience Member With A Gift They Will Never Forget

*Suitable For Close Up, Stage and Parlor.

*The Story Can Be Fitted Into Any Era Of Time, Victorian, Modern Day etc.



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