Anthony Black - The Sight of Madness (PDF Download)

Anthony Black - The Sight of Madness (PDF Download)

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Anthony Black - The Sight of Madness

"A spectator travels out of their body to see through the eyes of a long dead man; cursed with the ability to see what doesn’t exist.

Another awesome theatrical piece of deception from the mind that never sleeps, Anthony Black (this is almost true judging by the emails received during the hours that only milkmen and burglars are awake).
A performance piece that’s as beautifully structured as it is perplexing.
Once again within the performing capability of a novice to the darker side of the magic scene or equally those who dabble of perform mysteries of the mind type effects.
Anthony is certainly starting some fires in the world of Bizarre magic and is one to keep an eye on and an ear to the ground for any future releases.
Recommended? HELL YES."

-Mark Thorold, Creator & Performer



"This is great stuff - right up my street. Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

-Paul Voodini,Mystery Entertainer





"I was quite fortunate enough to have just read Anthony's newest effect, The Sight of Madness.

I was already impressed when I read his first offering, Resurrection Dreams. I can now say with no uncertainty that Anthony is definitely NOT a one trick pony.

The Sight of Madness is (to me) what bizarre magic is all about. Effects like this will not leave your audience asking
"How did he do it?" they will more than likely be asking "Did that really just happen?" This effect is all at once simple, elegant and beautiful.

More so than anything I've read recently, Anthony's work has really opened my eyes as to what can be achieved in the realm of bizarre magic. There is nothing complicated in its execution, leaving you completely free to concentrate on your presentation.

Anthony understands as a creator that in order for an effect to truly work, it must be able to be altered to fit the performing style of the magician. Should you choose to use Anthony's script, fantastic! But the effect is designed in such a way that it can be made to fit any mood or performing style. Want it to be unsettling? Can't get much better than effect as is! What it to be funny? Totally doable! What about a romantic version for a Valentines show?
(HHhhmmmm....Bizarre Valentine magic.....that might be a new niche!) It can be done.

They say you can tell a good idea when you say to yourself "Why didn't I think of that?!?!?"


The Sight of Madness..........WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?????"

- Matthew St. Cyr



"I got the manuscript last night, in just twelve pages it didn't take long to read but it is excellent and certainly great value. The routine itself is very good, and you can see a lot of thought has gone into it. But the method as simple as it is also excellent.
Thanks Anthony great work"

- Franklin, The Paranormalist



"Very nice. They came, they saw, they freaked out."

-Lucien Astor, Creator & Performer




The Sight of Madness


Card Magic...but not as you know it...


A dark tale of one man driven to madness...


You and your spectator take part in a strange ritual involving blank cards...


Why did William Clark take his own life?


What Bizarre object took over his life?


Will your spectator gain ‘The Sight of Madness’?


Find out together...


*Includes notes fromIain Dunford