Unknown Mentalist - Square Skills (PDF Download)

Unknown Mentalist - Square Skills (PDF Download)

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Many powerful secrets. Hidden deep inside a code grid. The code which is many centuries old. Finally revealed. For your performance pleasure.

You will learn 11 secret principles. Along with 18 amazing and baffling routines. Some interesting variations and many valuable tips. One M.A.D (Map of Active Destiny) Printable Prop.

After learning these secret principles and routines you will be able to create many more of your own routines. Easy self working mystic mentalism.

Once you learn these automatic secret principles, you can focus fully on your presentation.

No sleights. No stooges. No pre-show.

In some of the routines you can

  1. Divine the year of birth(1-99) of any participant.
  2. Divine the month(1-12) of birth of a spectator.
  3. Divine the date(1-31) of birth of the participant.
  4. Do some stunning impromptu book tests.
  5. Accurately predict the 'chance' corresponding to a secret random 'choice'.
  6. Exactly reveal the 'future' number related to a thought of 'past' number.
  7. And many more........

The bottom line is that you yourself will enjoy performing these routines as much as your audience will enjoy participating and watching these mysteries unfold.

1st edition 2015, 32 pages.
word count: 6905 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text