The Andy Nyman Lecture by Andy Nyman

The Andy Nyman Lecture by Andy Nyman

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Andy Nyman - The Andy Nyman Lecture

The original copy that we received for this DVD from the manufacturer indicated that this is a first that Andy Nyman has allowed a video to be made of his material, however we disagree. If you're an Andy Nyman fan, you already know he's one of the go to guys that work with Derren Brown and has also released Get Nyman (a whopping 4 hour, 3 DVD set) back in 2004. 

That being said, if you'd like to catch a lecture style set from Andy Nyman than this is the DVD for you! You'll get about an hour and a half of some of Andy Nyman's amazing effects focusing primarily on mentalism. There's lots of material on here but two of the effects highlighted are his routine based on the Koran Medallion, Deep Red Prediction and his amazing card trick, Charade.

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