Paul Voodini - The Psychic Cash Machine

Paul Voodini - The Psychic Cash Machine

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Paul Voodini - The Psychic Cash Machine

The Psychic Cash Machine: Make Money from Psychic Readingsis the ultimate guide to how to actually earn a living as a psychic reader. Whether your oracle of choice is the tarot or the palm or something more flamboyant, you'll find a wealth of information in this ebook to help you actually get your skills working for you! Areas covered include psychic parties, psychic fairs, one-to-one readings and working as a table-hopping reader. This ebook is full of real life experience from someone who continues to work successfully in this field. The author Paul Voodini is UK's most prolific "psychic entertainer", making the bulk of his professional income from providing tarot card and palm readings in the various arenas discussed in this book.

This book will not tell you HOW to do readings (see Paul'sReader of MindsandMagician's Guide to Palm Readingfor that info), but rather will tell you where to ply your trade as a reader, how to generate interest in your business, what to expect at the various venues and the avoidable pit-falls. This is real world experience - Paul learnt his trade the hard way so now you don't need to! By following this easy to understand guide you will be up and running as a professional reader in no time at all!

Written in Paul's usual joie de vivre manner, this book is a pleasure to read, full of real world experience and anecdotes from a man who obviously loves his trade and wants to share this information with other kindred spirits.

EXTRA BONUS: As an extra added bonus,The Psychic Cash Machineincludes a bonus reading routine from Jon Stetson. This routine shows the reader how to maximize earnings on special occasions such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. A must read for all serious about readings!

1st edition 2011; 32 pages.
word count: 11755 which is equivalent to 47 standard pages of text

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