Mike Powers LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Mike Powers LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Mike Powers LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

This influential creative force in magic will teach more card tricks than you can handle!

“Mike Powers, author of Power Plays, followed with the slickest sleight-of-hand in the bunch.”-Lou Harry– Indianapolis Business Journal

“I'm speaking of Mike Powers, whose new tome Power Plays/High Voltage Magic is bristling with new card magic along with a fine sampling of magic with coins and other small objects.”-Steve Bryant(Little Egypt Gazette)

"... tricks that will make you think... and remind you of WHY you're a cardman why you love card magic."-Jon Racherbaumerre: Top Secret Stuff

“Sounds like a miracle? It is!”-Frank Garciare: Holy Terror

“Swinger..will become a miniature modern classic!”-Michael Weber

“Mike—again, a great trick and a real fooler.”-Bob Farmerre: Diminishing Returns

“I do not know what gives Mike the ability to consistently come up with one great magical idea after another… maybe the ability simply comes from a great love of the pasteboards. However, what I do know for sure is that Mike loves the challenge of working on a new routine and working on it relentlessly until it becomes a masterpiece. I am grateful to Mike for taking almost a half dozen routines that I have published over the years and elevating them from interesting ideas into great routines.”-Allan Ackerman

What will he teach?

International Matrix Reverse– Matrix with coins from four different countries. The routine ends with a one at a time reversal with some awesome visuals.

Invisible 21– After a super-fair selection procedure, the magician deals the 21 cards into the usual 3x7 array. However, only 20 of the cards are visible and the selection isn’t among them. The magician then turns the invisible selection visible.

Science Friction– A drinking straw balanced atop a bottle spins and gyrates mysteriously without the use of breath, threads or magnets.

Jelly Roll– A signed dime visibly penetrates a sealed jelly container. When the cover is peeled back, the dime can be seen inside the jelly!

Transpo Visitor– This stunning transposition has its roots in the Jennings’ classic “The Visitor.”

Varying Variance Variant– A small packet Ambitious Card Routine with a kicker ending.

Blind Willie Aces AKA A Night at the Stardust– A “gambler versus magician” themed cutting contest with a twist.

Captain Hook- A variation of the Jennings classic – Three invisible coins are produced one by one and “hung” in the air. Then, each is made invisible again for a squeaky clean ending. Suitable for close-up or stand-up.

The Plastic Lady- Don England's masterpiece. After an initial Three Card Monte phase, it is explained that the “money card” is known in the trade as a “plastic card.” The plasticity is demonstrated as the card visibly stretches in length and then in width. Finally the “lady” shrinks to a miniature card for the killer ending. (Performance only)

For the Move Monkeys– An extremely deceptive center double lift and a double lift subtlety that adds another layer of conviction. Also, a quick left 4thfinger break technique.

Double Decker Sandwich– A selection jumps from the center of the deck in between the two red queens. A second selection seems to do the same, but this time the new selection is found on the table where the first selection was placed. The sandwiched card IS the first selection, previously placed on the table for a mind-bending transposition.

Heisting Histed Heisted 2.0 – Suitable for stage, platform or a close-up show. This one is mind reading at its best. The miracle worker divines the names of five cards that were literally only thought of!

Breathalyzer– A diabolical key card concept that locates a selection whose position in the deck is 100% controlled by the spectator. Fools laypeople and magicians as well.

Ultra Fast Coins Across– A no fooling around 1, 2, 3, 4 coins across with a surprise ending.

AmBIGuous Card –A selected card is placed face up in the center of the deck. When the deck is riffled, the selection pops part way out, but it has become a miniature card. The mini card is removed as itvisiblychanges back to normal size. Finally, the normal card becomes a mini again in an extremely visual manner.

Diminishing Returns –Mike’s bestselling trick.Anycard is named. When the card is removed, the deck is found to have shrunk to miniature size! The large card is placed into the mini-deck which is then re-spread. Now the deck is normal but the selection has shrunk to mini size! Finally, the selection is removed as itvisibly growsto normal size again. This is a modern classic.

Way Too Many– A chosen card is lost in the deck. The magician explains that he needs three cards. One will tell the color of the selection. The other two will then identify the suit and value. The spectator chooses three cards and the fun begins. The magician notices that he has four cards and puts one on the table. Unfortunately there are still four cards, so another is placed on the table. After four such occurrences, the spectator is given the cards to count. She finds that she has only one! It’s her selection

Odyssey II– The magician claims to be able to cut exactly the same number of cards as the spectator. First a prediction card is set aside. The spectator cuts and tables her packet. The magician cuts a packet and then requests that someone cut the remaining cards. The magician counts his cards and the count matches that of the spectator. Finally, the prediction card is revealed. For the killer ending, it is found that the magician and both spectators have cut to the mates of the prediction!

Impossible versus Improbable –A prediction effect with a surprise ending.

Business Card Terror –Mike’s seminal Holey Terror appeared in 1983. This is the granddaddy of moving hole effects. Mike adapted the handling to business cards. A signed business card has a hole punched at each corner. One by one the holes move to a single corner. The card, still signed, is returned to the stunned spectator, leaving her with an impossible object.

Advice on Restaurant Worka) getting gigs b) approaching the table c) tips d) Mike will also tip a source for some excellent attire for strolling situations.

Who is he?

Mike Powers has been in the magic scene for over forty years. In 1978 Mike met Ed Marlo and became a welcome guest at the Marlo table in Chicago. With Marlo’s guidance, Mike published his first book, Powerful Magic in 1983. Contributors included Simon Aronson, Dave Solomon, Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz and Marlo himself. Subsequently Mike has published two more books – Top Secret Stuff (1993) and Power Plays (2006). Power Plays was voted Book of the Year in 2006 on the Magic Café and was runner up Book of the Year in the Magic Industry Awards. Mike’s magic has appeared in every major magic publication and in the books of Paul Harris, John Born, Peter Duffie and others.

Besides being an author and columnist (The Card Corner in the Linking Ring), Mike has extensive experience in performing magic, especially in the restaurant/strolling arena. He has performed at the Society of American Magicians national convention and will be featured at the IBM national convention in 2016. In 1993 Mike was invited to perform at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and to lecture at the Hollywood Day of Magic. In 2019 Mike will be the guest of honor at the prestigious 4F Convention (Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic) in Batavia NY.

Mike retired from his position as professor of Physics at Holy Cross College in 2002. He now devotes most of his time to performing, writing and lecturing. He finished an eight city lecture tour last June and has been the house magician at Etropal restaurant in La Porte IN for the past year. Mike’s latest venture combines his love of magic with his love of music. Having spent eight years playing rock and roll with Blackjack 66, Mike is now in StringMagic where he and his partner Hutch stroll – Mike performing magic, Hutch with his guitar. Then, after a short break, Mike and Hutch perform together as an acoustic duo.

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