Luca Volpe LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Luca Volpe LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Luca Volpe LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

"Luca is an amazing mentalist, his performances are quite mysterious, surprising and entertaining, he has great charisma and shining showmanship, I highly recommend his performance"-Uri Geller

"His outstanding reputation precedes him. Just a moment in person, or with his clips, will prove why. And, he's a nice guy, too."-Marc Salem

"Luca is a superb entertainer. He is professional in everything he does. He is innovative, and creates many of his own effects. I recommend Luca unreservedly."-Richard Webster

"Luca is a caring, professional and reliable entertainer. People respond to Luca Volpe quickly and enthusiastically. His work with others is sincere, and his performances are strong, captivating and memorable. I am proud to call Luca Volpe one of my rare Students who continues to elevate the arts of Magic, Mentalism and Intuitive Readings to new heights."-Kenton Knepper

"The Rembrandt of Mentalism."-Neal Scryer

What will he teach?

The Lucky Envelopes 2.0A perfect mentalism show opener with extra surprises!

The Lucky Envelopes - Close-up VersionA close up explanation.

E.S.PerimentDemonstrate to your audience the power to see with your fingertips!

Drawing PsychometryA psychometry routine that fits in your pocket and plays big!

52 ChancesAn impromptu open prediction with a borrowed deck of cards.

The Key of FateA stage routine that has been kept secret for many years. (This alone is worth 10 times more than the price of the entire lecture!) Very entertaining and suitable for any type of performance style.

The Ultimate Book Test ActLuca Volpe's book test performance with a kicker ending.

Who is he?

Without doubt, Luca Volpe is one of the most valued mentalists in the world. Luca has been performing mentalism and "magic of the mind" for over 25 years.

His experience and wealth of knowledge in this specialist field of entertainment is noticeable in every live performance. He is considered one of the most innovative and original mentalists today and not only does he entertain with his elegant but cheeky Italian style he has the rare skill to astound all types of audiences.

There are many performing mentalists but very few that have a natural ability to make audiences laugh and gasp during a show like Luca Volpe does.

Over the past few years, he has had the pleasure of entertaining over one million passengers with his live show on-board luxury cruise liners that include Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and many more. Numerous private and corporate events have enjoyed his performances from intimate weddings to some of the largest corporations in the world.

For the mentalism community, he has published books that have sold over 15,000 copies and are prized pieces in the repertoires of many professional mentalists. He has been featured on the front cover of many important magic magazines and his work as a "mentalist consultant" has been requested by professional performers for television and theater shows.

Luca is proud to be a member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London, with the degree of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, awarded with 'Silver Star' which is the highest recognition for his live show. He has received the Merlin Award for "Mentalist of the Year Europe" and has also won the Nostradamus award for "The Best Mentalist Europe". Luca Volpe’s lecture is the presentation of stage and close up routines from his professional repertoire, which have been tested in hundreds of performances on live audiences all around the world. All routines are 100% commercial and easy to perform, blending new and old methods, thus creating “entertaining experiences” that the audience will never forget. These lectures are created with the spectator in mind. In fact, you will not see “magic for magicians”, but real working magic and mentalism routines for the real world performer.