Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau

Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau



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Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau

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The response to Easy Cube has exceeded all my expectations. After only 24 hours, the first edition was already sold out.

Now I ordered the second batch from my manufacturer. I will get them during the 3rd week of January. I will pack them as fast as possible so I can start to ship the 2nd edition end of January.

Unfortunately it is not possible to be faster, since a large part of the gimmick production process is made by hand. (Made in Germany) 

Thank you for your patience.


Do you like to perform a FISM wining routine in your stand up or stage show?

It´s very easy to do

No need to learn algorithms

Killer effect

No set up time

No angle issues

No danger to screw it up

Concentrate to your performance

Packs small – plays big