DYAD by Abhinav Bothra (Instant Download)

DYAD by Abhinav Bothra (Instant Download)

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Abhinav Bothra - DYAD

A deceptive CARD CONTROL + A bold CARD MOVE = An audacious CARD AT ANY NUMBER

In here you'll find :

AMBIENCE CONTROL : A single card control from the middle of the deck to the top.
Originally put out in The Blind Faith Collection (2015).
It can also be used as a phase in an Ambitious Card Routine.

SAY STOP : A Selected Card At Any Number where you don't really need to know the number before hand.
Originally put out in Audacious (2013) and included as a bonus in C.I.A. (2015)

Notes & Credits:
Do not confuse AMBIENCE CONTROL to be same as BIZAU CHRISTIAN'S BLIND SQUARE. They both are different.
SAY STOP was inspired from PAUL WILSON'S YAMFACAAN. However they both have different methods.