Paul Lelekis - Magic Medley PDF

Paul Lelekis - Magic Medley PDF

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Paul Lelekis - Magic Medley

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10 full routines with ESP, coins, cards, silks, rings, and the real secrets of performance. A video of performance and explanation for a full four coin routine is included. An essay is included about how to control your spectators and recognizing and utilizing "repeat responses" to raise the 'bar' of your performances!

TAKING CONTROL - An essay explaining how to bring your spectators under your control.

AMAZING - A little game of 'what is where' that even "fools" the magician performing it. Easy to do and impossible.

COIN(S) PRODUCTION - A cool production of four coins. Includes a video of performance and explanation.

A BLENDO EFFECT - Use your Blendo silks for a routine that gets your audience involved. 3 differently colored silks blend into one the spectator's hands.

MIRACLE SANDWICH - This is an "impossible" effect by Marlo. This one will fool magicians.

COIN GONE! - Want to make a coin vanish...completely? Then this is for you. The method is one never seen any more.

EYE IN THE SKY - This mentalism routine is absolutely mind-boggling. And it is easy to do. This is what real mind-reading looks clean, your spectators will scream.

JACKWICH - This is Paul's rendition of a "flashy" Ray Mertz effect that he used at the Forks Hotel. A selection is placed right into the middle of the deck. Two black Jacks are placed on top of the deck, which suddenly fly off of the deck with a face down card sandwiched between them...the selection.

NU-WAY RING ON WAND - Want an easy method for performing the popular Ring on Wand effect? This time-honored effect is now very easy to perform and amazing.

COMEDY VANISHING SILK - Want to make your spectators laugh until their sides split? This routine is the perfect opener and will put your spectators in the palm of your hand. You have to see this one - it is a blast.

COOL COIN PRODUCTION - Show both hands empty and make a coin appear at your fingertips with a flash of fire.

IN CONCLUSION - Learn some further 'secrets' from Paul's many years of performances - and why they work.

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