Marchand de Trucs Presents The Fooler by Eric Roumestan (video download)

Marchand de Trucs Presents The Fooler by Eric Roumestan (video download)



Products Description

Eric Roumestan - The Fooler

MP4 video download

instructions video download only , no props included

The Fooler is definitely one of the most practical and easy-to-use wallets currently available. Think of it as a modern-day thumb tip that's perfect for coin routines, close-up magic, and mentalism. 

The Fooler gives you the power to perform completely impossible magic, regardless of your skill level. 

In just a few minutes, you'll be performing effects that previously required hours of practice. 

You'll also get Eric's instructions for five new routines, each of which uses The Fooler, as well as a bonus section that explains how The Fooler can be used with cards and a range of small objects -- it even offers a selection of mentalism applications. 

The Fooler wallet is handmade by its creator, Eric Roumestan. 

It's a prop that you'll want to use every day - and it'll last a lifetime. 

What's included

  • A link to online video instructions


"Wow this is so good, that it couldn't be any more Fooler! 'Genius' would be a perfect name for this!" 
- Bernardo Sedlacek (Brazil) 

"The Fooler is one of the typical effects from Eric, you always feel like a beginner! It's really magical, I enjoy a lot his magic!" 
- Tony Montana (Argentina) 

"Eric has created a coin purse, simple in design but diabolical in function. Whenever you decide, coins can travel to and from the purse with ease!" 
- Michael Rubinstein (USA) 

"Since the first moment I saw the purse, I knew that it was to be something special. Then, Eric sent me one and I could check it out. 
"Lots of possibilities and a new door opened for creating new tricks, and fresh ideas with coins or whatever you want... 
"Definitively I love that!" 
- Luis Olmedo (Spain) 

"Lovers of coin magic, we are in luck. Our friend Eric Roumestan brings out a DVD with the great routine 'The Soul', including an ingenious purse where you can get a powerful effect with minimal effort!" 
- Paco Rodas (Spain)