Triple TUC by Tango Magic (Video Download)

Triple TUC by Tango Magic (Video Download)



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Triple TUC

Trick by Tango Magic 

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Triple TUC - magic

The TUC coin won the Invention Award at FISM 2012. Now it's back and even better as Triple TUC!

Mr. Tango's newest innovation lets you perform everything you could with TUC, but even more. More effects, more routines, more to spark your imagination! In fact, here are some routines possible with Triple TUC:

- Coin Across 
- 3 Fly Coin 
- Coins Thru Table 
- Coin Thru Bill 
- Matrix 
- Coin Vanishes 
- Productions 
- Chink a Chink 
- Okito Box Routine 
- Coin Thru Hand

So get Triple TUC today and let your imagination run wild!