Paul Andrich - The Patriot Copper Silver (Video Download)

Paul Andrich - The Patriot Copper Silver (Video Download)



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The Patriot Copper Silver by Paul Andrich (Instant Download)

A great worker to add to your repertoire.
This is one of the easiest to perform, and yet most visually strong Copper Silver coin routines that you'll ever see.

You start off by showing the spectator both sides of the coins and then follow it up immediately with the first transposition. 

Then after coins switch places twice, you amp it up in the third time for an even more amazing transposition.

This routine has a couple new and wonderful sleights that will bring the effect of your existing routine to the next level. Or if you're new to the Copper Silver coin plot, this is definitely the routine for you.

Additional supplies may need to be purchased to perform this effect.