Seth Kramer LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2019 (Mp4 Video Magic Download)

Seth Kramer LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2019 (Mp4 Video Magic Download)



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"Seth Kramer is the real deal. He has a lifetime of experiences performing for real people in the real world for real money. If you are looking for clever gimmicks and impractical sleights, look elsewhere. If you want to see what gets the money in the real world - here you go."  -Brad Henderson Austin, TX

"I first met Seth Kramer at a major trade show in 1984. He was great then, and he’s even better now. He’s been in the trade show and corporate entertainment field for longer than most. He’s got the chops and the experience. If there is one person you wanted to learn from about trade show magic, Seth is your man!" -Shep Hyken St. Louis, MO

"I have seen Seth at many trade shows and he always delivers for his clients. He draws big crowds, make the clients’ product message memorable and brings in business for the company. This is a great opportunity to get the real secrets from someone that has done hundreds of trade shows for many years." -Lior Manor Nir Tzvi, Israel

"If you want to break into trade shows or even do more of them , you owe it to yourself and your business to watch one of the undisputed modern-day trade show masters at work. Even in 2018, learning about the trade-show market is tough. In this age if the internet and it’s sea of information, there is still relatively little to help you get a grasp of this lucrative and niche market. A market which takes the power of magic and makes it relevant to business. Marketing budgets are notoriously larger than entertainment budgets so why not give yourself a chance to earn a slice of a bigger pie? I am excited to hear what Seth has to say. I know it will be time and money well spent." -Nick Einhorn London, UK

"Seth Kramer is not one of the best Tradeshow magicians in the business ..... in my opinion he is THE BEST! A consummate professional who knows his market inside and out, his many years of experience as a busy and successful corporate entertainer as well as an outstanding magical practitioner stand him far apart in this very challenging but lucrative field." -Paul Stone Las Vegas, NV!2 of!2

"The real magic at a trade show is making customers appear! Seth Kramer has been successfully doing this for the last three decades. Professional Trade Show magic is not about the latest and greatest new trick. It’s about creating an act that will stop people in their tracks, train the audience about the product by integrating the companies message during a highly entertaining performance that gets the crowd into the booth. Seth does this as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. Bad booth location, no problem. Tough crowd…piece
of cake. Seth has the answers! Seth’s lecture will train you how to do this job. He’ll share the “real secrets”. Secrets only known to a handful of the real working pros. How do you keep a client for 20 years, how do you really draw a huge crowd, what sound equipment is best, how to really pack your clothes, show and sound for today’s air travel. Seth has all the answers. If you want new tricks watch the other lectures. If you want to learn how to earn professional level fees working for Fortune 500 companies watch Seth’s lecture. He’s done it all and knows the best way to do everything. The shocking part is he’s willing to share such powerful knowledge. Take it from me…Seth has the answers!" -Bob Kohler Las Vegas, NV

What will he teach?

Trade Show Secrets Act- Seth Kramer is a professional trade show magician with more than 35 years of experience and 600+ National and International trade shows under his belt. The Trade Show Secrets Act is a rare opportunity to see a real trade show product pitch involving a real product presented the same way Seth would present it for his clients at an actual trade show.

In This ‘Act’, which is based on Seth’s highly acclaimed book A Modern Trade Show Handbook, the focus is not on “tricks”, but there are lots of secrets revealed. The ‘Act’ covers a wide variety of topics about performing magic in a trade show environment. Seth will briefly discuss what a trade show is and why companies attend and then go into further detail about script development, structuring an act, what to charge, what to wear, promoting your services to companies, travel tips, dealing with clients, hospitality events and much more.

Effects include:

Quadruplicate Card Mystery

Aces Vansish and Multiple Productions


Four Phase Ambitious Routine

Think A Card Routine

Ring And String
3 1/2 Clubs
Card To Box 


Who is he?

Call him the ultimate magic multi-tasker. Because whether he’s stopping traffic on a busy trade show floor, designing a spectacular private event, or performing stunning sleight of hand in a corporate hospitality suite, Seth Kramer is always doing something magical. Whether it’s performing at a sales meeting in Europe, a trade show in Las Vegas, or a 40th birthday party in Manhattan — it’s never the same week twice for Seth.