The Working Psychics Secret Methods by Jonathan Royle

The Working Psychics Secret Methods by Jonathan Royle

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“The Working Psychic’s Secret Methods”
“Merlin” - Master of the Tarot.

The Working Psychics Secret Cold Reading Methods - How To Read Someone Like A Book and Tell Them Their Past, Present and Future

NOTE = This Manual is just One of the Chapters Taken from "Cold Reading & Mentalism for the Psychic Entertainer"

This guide reveals a super powerful advanced trickery cold reading and mentalism method of obtaining (in real time) information about the person you are giving a reading to so that you may then look like a real psychic to them.

In otherwords it will teach you a tried, tested and proven to work way of gaining 100% accurate information about the person for whom you are reading without them having any clue how you discovered such.

Therefore your Cold Reading can suddenly become a Red Hot Cold Reading as it will become mind blowing accurate.

This method could also be used by Stage Magicians and Mentalism Performers to gain information about what the volunteers are thinking about.

Written by Brian Howard this ebook is sold under license and we hold full legal resale rights on this item.

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