Phasma by Phedon Bilek (PDF Download)

Phasma by Phedon Bilek (PDF Download)



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Phasma (Lecture Notes) by Phedon Bilek

Exclusive to MindFX and in limited supply, when they are gone they are gone for good…
“A physical masterclass on the correct approach to prop-less mentalism, this book is worth it’s weight in gold!”  – Michael Murray
On the 30th of June 2019 Phedon Bilek presented an incredible one of a kind lecture for the delegates of the MINDS conference which is held within the UK.  At the conclusion of this lecture Phedon received a spontaneous standing ovation from all who were in attendance and now it is YOUR turn to discover the goldmine of secrets that have previously only been shared with a select few…
To mark this special occasion, Phedon produced a unique set of lecture notes titled ‘Phasma’ which detail some of the most incredible approaches to prop-less mentalism that have been created to date.  At the conclusion of the weekend MindFX claimed the remaining stock of lecture notes which are now being offered whilst stocks last (when they are gone, they are gone for good).   
Within this 140 page set of notes you will learn all of the following and more -  
Mnemon -
Imagine being able to tell someone about a memory that they are thinking of in detail with precise information about the period and location without the requirement of having anything written down.  An incredible routine that will make people truly believe that you’re walking around inside their heads.  Mentalism really doesn’t get much stronger than this!
Note: Although not essential, it is advised that purchasers of this book are familiar with Phedon’s prior release titled ‘Proteus’ if you wish to perform the above routine prop-less.
Restricted Imagery -
‘Restricted Imagery’ is an incredibly versatile tool that will allow you to both control and force the specific thoughts and choices that your participant makes.  Once you have learned this technique you will have a highly powerful and versatile tool that lends itself to countless applications.
Indexed Imagery -  
‘Indexed Imagery’ is an evolution of the ‘Restricted Imagery’ technique that will allow you to deliver a deeply engaging yet light hearted reading for your participant with a beautiful kicker ending.  This will no doubt become of of your go to effects when you are looking for something that is both quick and powerful to perform.
Note: This routine also allows you to give the participant an optional lasting reminder of the event.  
Phasmatic Names -
This is quite possibly one of the strongest ways to reveal a harvested word that you will ever learn.  You will also discover an incredible way to know exactly what name your participant is thinking of too.  This is both simple and direct and will no doubt become your staple method for name revelations effects.
Back to the Future Reading (Bonus) -
This could very well be the crowning jewel in the book and both novice and experienced readers alike will no doubt fall in love with the approach that Phedon offers in the closing section of the book.
Note: Although not essential, it is advised that purchasers of this book are familiar with Phedon’s prior release titled ‘Proteus’.  The topics covered within this book will be included within Phedon’s book titled ‘Orion’ which is penned for release in 2021.