Magic Science by Hugo Valenzuela (MP4 Video + PDF Download)

Magic Science by Hugo Valenzuela (MP4 Video + PDF Download)



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MAGIC SCIENCE by Hugo Valenzuela (Online Instructions)

It's a trick with three effects in one!!

Magic Science explains several attributes of science, through magic!

A different approach and rarely seen before!

Black holes, quantum entanglement and wormholes are explained by scientific principles, but enhanced by magic!

The video speaks for itself!!

See how the pen bends, splits into two parts, moves in a mirror, and finally enters and exits through another hole. All while amazingly showing your hands clean during the effect.

Three effects in one, made with the same object. The objects can be given out for examination.

This is one of those effects where you'll actually enjoy practicing the trick!

Magic Science contains:

- A pen
- Gimmick
- Online designs to download
- Online explanatory video

Invented by Hugo Valenzuela