Sticky 2.0 by Morgan Strebler (MP4 Video Download)

Sticky 2.0 by Morgan Strebler (MP4 Video Download)



Products Description

STICKY 2.0 By Morgan Strebler

Sticky 2.0 is a simple system for predicting in advance a drawing that a spectator freely makes.

It looks like this –

You ask a spectator to draw a picture on a piece of paper. You wave your hand over the paper, and the picture that the audience member has freely drawn appears on your palm. There are no plants or stooges involved, just Mentalism at its purest.

With the added touches and subtleties that Peter Turner adds it enables you to do this entirely prop-less and even tell the participant about themselves in the process.

This is a simple effect that requires no gimmicks, no slight of hand and no memory work it’s a self contained easy to perform miracle and all you need to be able to do is remember one key sentence and that’s it!

If you’ve wanted an ice-breaker or introduction to quickly show your audience what you can do this is it. From start to finish you can have this performed in 20 seconds and have your audience in the palm of your hand.