Ryan Schlutz LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2020

Ryan Schlutz LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2020



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"Ryan Schlutz annoys me. Despite the fact that I've been heavily into magic for longer than he's been alive, he constantly fools me. I never see any moves or anything suspicious, yet somehow amazing things keep happening. I don't get it. But you should." -Ken Weber

"I remember meeting Ryan: he was a nice guy so I liked him. Then he showed me his magic, destroyed my brain and I hated him. He fools me every single time." -Vincent Hedan

"I've always been a fan of Ryan's work. He truly is a thinker. Well structured plots, devious methods and material that leaves a lasting impression. Any time you spend studying his work is worthy of your time." -John Carey

"Ryan always brings something fresh to the table - and everyone will be served! If you like killer technique, he delivers." -Paul Richards

"I love Ryan's magic. His material is always fun and fooling." -John Guastaferro

What will he teach?

A Self-Working approach to Parlor Magic

Fame and Fortune - This is Ryan’s Opener to build instant report with the audience. You ask the audience to fill in the details of your chance encounter with a celebrity. Then as an unexpected twist you produce a picture of the crazy scenario they just created.

Life Hack Deck - Do you have several effects you liked to perform in a set but have no clue how to structure them together? Using the Life Hack Deck principle you will learn how to do just that. 

Before the Thought (Black Envelope) - This effect recently won Ryan an award for best trick at the convention. Spectator has absolute free choice of a card from the deck they are holding but despite the freedom the card they choose matches a prediction card set aside before they even picked a card!

Random Happenings - This is Ryan’s approach to a book test. He’s taken his passion for chaos in card magic and combined it with a historically structured effect to a very fooling outcome.

Super Fair Card Trick - Gloves, Blindfolds, foil blankets and whatever else it takes to create the most fair card trick ever performed. This effect is a lesson on how to take a closeup effect to stage.

Who is he?

Over the last few years, Ryan Schlutz has built up a cult following due mainly to his brilliant books, DVD’s and download releases which feature easy-to-do but nonetheless killer magic. He has made it cool to like self-working magic, and he performs the effects with effortless, laid-back likeability.  
The fact that Ryan is best known for his moveless magic only serves to further frustrate the many magicians he fools on a constant basis. Ryan's well choreographed subtleties and care free style, leaves witnesses with a feeling of astonishment with no signs of foul play.