Psyclops Mind Reading System by Tommy Burnett

Psyclops Mind Reading System by Tommy Burnett



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Psyclops Mind Reading System by Tommy Burnett
Here is what happens:
The performer shows his participant(s) a pack of blank index cards that have writing on one side (the other side is blank.) A different word, number and design are written on each card. The participant genuinely mixes them thoroughly and then selects one of the cards from the pack. They can remember everything on the card or just one item, it is totally a free choice. With little to no pumping you can tell them what they are thinking, duplicate a drawing, guess a pin number. Not only that, you can do this for up to 3 people at a time.

Over 60 pages of instructions, routines, theory, ideas and detailed photos. When you purchase Psyclops you will also receive Dream Symbol Interpretations, over 30 pages of dream symbols and their interpretations.

Psyclops uses no marks, no rough and smooth, no short and long cards, no gaffs, always a completely free choice by the participant.

If you don't like arts and crafts or memory work this is not for you. Psyclops is a real worker and is definitely not for the beginner. However, if you want to put in the work Psyclops can give a 5 -15 minute routine of mind shattering mentalism. Play it as a mind reading act or as a memory act.

2019, PDF 97 pages.