Jeremiah Zuo LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2020 (MP4 Video Download)

Jeremiah Zuo LIVE (Penguin LIVE) 2020 (MP4 Video Download)



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FINALLY! That is not just me shouting, it is the collective voices of magicians around the world who have witnessed Jeremiah’s coin magic. This is not hype or hyperbole, it is simply a fact. I have witnessed countless magicians, including some of the very best, flock to Jeremiah to learn the Drop after they have seen him perform... Jeremiah describes himself as a "magic fan." I describe myself as a "Jeremiah fan."- Tom Dobrowolski

[The Institutes] is the best collection of effective and intelligent coin magic you'll ever see from a guy who refuses to call himself a coin magician. Can’t believe Jeremiah is going to tip this stuff. I thought it was going to stay hidden away from the magic world forever! - Curtis Kam

Jeremiah is an incredible artist and thinker, and I think it’s absurd that he says he’s "not a coin guy." His work on a move he calls "The Drop" is absolutely groundbreaking, and the good news is that I think I will be able to do it! This one move serves as the foundation for an incredible series of routines that will blow your mind. If you’re like me, and practicality, naturalness, and above all, good angles are paramount for you, you’re gonna love this stuff!...  That 'No Touch Coins Coins Across' is absolute perfection. Jeremiah, you are a deliciously evil thinker. - Jack Carpenter

The coin magic is world-class. You've found/created a whole new way to do some fundamental sleights that's significantly better than the standard fare. I'm experiencing the same sense of joy and wonder that I got from the shuttle pass explanation in Coin Magic... Buy both [of Jeremiah's] books. Buy them now ... "The Drop," from his coin book will change your sad life, for the good. Both books are %$#@&* wonderful. Now leave me alone. I'm trying to work through Those are the Aces ... - Kent F. Gunn

What will he teach?

Get ready for lots of clinking metal and lots of fun. Jeremiah is bringing an all coin lecture to town. But don't walk out the door because you don't have to have palms of steel to follow along! He will let you in on arguably his greatest secret. Lots of folks think Jeremiah is a coin guy. He is not, but he will teach you how he fools people into thinking otherwise and how you too can fool people into thinking you are a coin guy. By mastering one move and related applications you too will look like a coin master.

The Drop - A move that has become the foundation of Jeremiah's coin magic and the most popular thing that he does. The basic technique is natural, casual, versatile, and fooling. It serves as the father of a whole family of fooling techniques including shuttlepasses, changes, various click passes, and false counts.

A "Six" Coin Trick - A bit of whimsy with coins and fun with language. Produce three coins that exist and three coins that don't exist and then vanish all "six" in a way that will delight and amuse your audiences.

A "Four" Coin Trick - Four coins vanish without any of the traditional hand-to-hand tranfers or even hand closing. Reproduce all four, produce six more, then vanish all ten! Jeremiah will share his basic three coin vanish sequence, and use it to demonstrate an important lesson on how you can change nothing but framing and presentation, and totally change one trick into completely different trick.

No Touch Coins Across - Three coins travel from one hand to the other ... no recounting and the hands never come together!

One Touch Coins Across - For those who just can't stand to only send three coins across. A version of the previous routine with four coins.

Ted v. Morto - The weirdest hanging coins presentation you will probably ever hear.

That Trollish Chinese Escaping Coin - Despite some silver-armored guards, a solid bronze prison, and some silky restraints, you just cannot get a handle on this professional Chinese escaping coin. A three-phase Okito box trick with an interesting premise.

Wild Coin (Coins, Purse, No Glass) - Three silver dollars visually change places with three Chinese coins with no apparent fidgeting, finger movement, or any other opportunity for sneakiness. Jeremiah shares a technique that a number of others have discovered, but isn't as popular as it should be.

HeavenBound Spellbound - Produce three coins one at a time, all while they change back and forth between Silver Dollars and Chinese Coins

Follow the China Man - Taking advantage of some newly popular coin gaffs, you can do a magically packed and internally-consistent matrix: including multiple gathers and a stunning backfire, all without knuckle-busting moves.

A Trick With a Cow - Jeremiah will perform and discuss the various elements of his signature, sit-down, coin routine. Spellbound, transpositions, assemblies, it's got 'em all.

Who is he?

Jeremiah Zuo grew up in the Chicago Magic Scene, patiently waiting in the shadows of various Marlo students and heirs until the proper moment to strike. A regular at the famous Midwest Magic Shop, Jeremiah has received praise from some of the top names in magic and established himself as a reclusive local legend. If you ask him, he is not a magician. Jeremiah considers himself a fan of magic, and has all but completely avoided conventions and lectures, "Let the real magicians do that work." For the last decade his occasional lecture notes were prized by magicians in Chicago, but mostly unavailable anywhere else. It has only been in the past couple of years that Jeremiah finally agreed to publish his magic for a larger audience in two popular books, Confessions of a Magic Fan, and The Institutes of a Magic Fan.

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