Convergence by Joe Rindfleisch & Dr. Cyril Thomas (MP4 Video Download)

Convergence by Joe Rindfleisch & Dr. Cyril Thomas (MP4 Video Download)



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Joe Rindfleisch and Dr. Cyril Thomas - Convergence

You need to see this, and you still won’t believe it. When Joe Rindfleisch performed this for the Penguin Magic team we assumed he and Dr. Cyril Thomas had invented the single greatest rubber band gimmick in history. Then our jaws hit the floor when we found out it was an ordinary rubber band. This is the final answer in the torn and restored rubber band. This is Joe Rindflesich & Dr. Cyril Thomas’ Convergence.

Convergence is a multiphase routine where a rubber band is actually broken in front of your audience. It is then visually restored. With a gentle tug the rubber band is torn apart, then restored and the ends taken off and clearly held apart from the restored band. The ends are once again restored and the rubber band is shown to be once again whole before being placed back around your wrist.

The description of this routine doesn’t do it justice. The visuals are mind-melting, and the band that is torn is the very same band that is restored and wrapped back around your wrist. No glue or gimmicks are involved. The displays are amazingly fair. This download is a meeting of the minds on the bleeding edge of rubber band magic. This is more than a miracle. This is Convergence.