Anton Corradin - Magnetic Jumbo Coin (DVD Download)

Anton Corradin - Magnetic Jumbo Coin (DVD Download)

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Products Description

Magnetic Jumbo Coin by Anton Corradin

DVD Download now (Original VOB format videos, the best quality)

Magnetic Jumbo Coin will give you the perfect end for your routine.

As its name indicates, this is a magnetic coin that is 7 inches (17.75cm) in diameter and that sticks on any metal surface no matter what size it is. This feature will allow you to leave the coin stuck under a chair, on a table leg, etc. and load it at the moment you need it.

You will also receive a gimmick to place on any part of your body in order to achive the most quick, easy and precise loads and unloads you've ever seen.

It includes a DVD with 3 clearly explained routines and many ideas on how to use it.

Delicate manufacturing and handmade finishing.

Do not miss the opportunity to add this effect to your close-up or stage routine.