Etna by Sebastien Calbry & Axel Vergnaud (Video Download)

Etna by Sebastien Calbry & Axel Vergnaud (Video Download)



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ETNA – Sebastien Calbry and Axel Vergnaud

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Sébastien Calbry and Axel Vergnaud invite you to discover their latest creation, ETNA! A modernized version of the “cigarette through anything”, using a very logical object: a BIC® lighter!

Of course, for the non-smokers, you can perform this trick with many objects: BIC® pen, straw, etc.

Just imagine, you introduce a lighter and borrow a cigarette. While one cannot go through another, you defy science and, the cigarette passes through your lighter under the eyes of the spectators. You have to see it to believe it! The cigarette can be lit or extinguished, and it actually passes through the lighter.

Once removed, spectators will see that the lighter has no holes. It’s a small miracle that can be performed at any time thanks to the specially engineered gimmick provided. A tool to always have in your pocket.

As a bonus, Sébastien Calbry will offer you an ultra visual version for social networks. You will give the illusion that the cigarette disappears when entering the lighter, without ever coming out the other side, a real miracle. The lighter can then be shown from all angles.


  • Uses a BIC® brand lighter
  • Ultra visual
  • Very easy to do
  • Can be done in real life and on social networks
  • Perfect for street magic