Skerries - Tom Stone (PDF ebook Download)

Skerries - Tom Stone (PDF ebook Download)



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Magic download (ebook) by Tom Stone ($12.00)

Skerries - magic

Just when you think there’s nothing interesting or new possible with D’Lites, Tom starts off an ebook collection with a LOVELY idea for coin magic using...a light-up thumbtip. “Going Bananas” is a stage piece for you and a friend, and “Gap Drive” is something coin magicians will immediately latch onto and integrate into their work.


  • D'Struction - A special effect for a coin vanish.
  • Electro-Cute - A magical sight-gag based on the Electric Deck.
  • Gap Drive - A coin production.
  • Going Bananas - A short magical playlet for two performers and a banana. What the... - A cigarette effect.
  • Jumping Spoon - A sight-gag with a plastic spoon.
  • RingBound - A borrowed finger ring is transformed to another ring, while threaded on a string.
  • Poltergeist - A practical joke with a supernatural theme.
  • Salt-X-Change - An effect with salt and a silk.
  • Subliminal Persuation - Hidden messages appear on the cards in a deck. Republished from The Warpsmith's Toolbox
  • Giudichar - A mental effect where the truth is found among lies. ... and a few smaller ideas.

25 pages


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