Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo (MP4 Video Download)

Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo (MP4 Video Download)



Products Description

Invisible Coin - Nathan Kranzo (Gimmick not included)

A secret device that creates the stunning illusion of a coin falling straight through solid glass. Can be immediately repeated. Instant reputation-maker.

Make two coins visually appear under impossible conditions. Nathan Kranzo has been using this amazing gimmick to astonish his audiences for years with this playful routine that is pure eye candy. This is Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo.

Here’s what happens:

A magician “gives” a pair of invisible coins to their spectators. The magician then takes a small glass and places it mouth side down on top of a deck of cards. The first spectator is asked to place their invisible coin on the glass, and the magician will make coins pass through the bottom of the glass, and when they pass through the glass they will become visible. The magician gives the glass a smack and suddenly an actual quarter appears bouncing around inside the glass. The best part? The magician can immediately repeat the trick with the second spectator.

Invisible Coin comes with a gimmick you can put inside your deck and will allow you to perform the effect right away. The gimmick holds two coins, and works with almost any currency in the world. In addition to the Invisible Coin routine, Kranzo also teaches how to use the gimmick to change transform a quarter into a Penny, and other creative ideas with the Invisible Coin gimmick. The gimmick is durable and easy to use. There are not springs or complicated mechanical parts that can easily break or misfire. You’ll be performing this effect right out of the box. Transform imagined coins into astonishing visuals with Invisible Coin by Nathan Kranzo.