Thoughts So Far by Ken Dyne Kennedy - Download

Thoughts So Far by Ken Dyne Kennedy - Download

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Thoughts So Far by Ken Dyne

Thoughts So Far

Over 30 effects, routines and essays from Kennedy's mind. All of the effects within have been tried and tested on real, paying audiences. This material has gained great praise from top professionals around the world. This book contains "no filler" according to Richard Osterlind. Inside you will find: Chair predictions, playing card mentalism, dual reality and pre-show principals and subtleties, two person telepathy effects, metal bending all tried and tested.

"Obviously someone who knows how to respect and entertain an audience."
- Leo Boudreau

"I always read the back of a book first and often wondered if anyone else did. Obviously you do but would you rather not know what Richard Osterlind has to say about this book...? He's written the Foreword.

When Kennedy first approached me and told me that he had a few ideas that he had written down I was intrigued. When the email came through with over 200 pages I was surprised. When he kept sending additional routines and pages every other day I was more than surprised: I was amazed.
Now it's your turn.
My first love is mentalism. I consider myself fortunate to be the first to read Kennedy's book. From the first effect - Subliminal Summer - I was hooked. I love 'Sitting on Rose Petals' and the subtlety of 'The Hand'.

'Open Transmission' was performed in a competition and won first prize.

Every effect deserves a prize.

It gives me great pleasure to help to introduce you to Kennedy."

- Martin Duffy

"When it comes to creating effects, Kennedy's ideas are always fresh and inspirational. Within these pages there are some real gems; a lot of thought has been put into this work."
- Michael Murry,creator Beyond ESP

Effects in the book (an the page number):

17 Subliminal Summer: A prediction of a family summer holiday.

23 Ultimate Connection: Two spectators each choose the same card under very fair conditions.

33 Mirage: One spectator reads another’s mind and still doesn’t know how they did it.

39 Hot Spot: What is the hot spot? A short essay on performance.

45 Cold Bending: A coin bends in the spectator’s hand, in stages.

53 Jackpot: You predict the lottery numbers.

59 Taxi: The audience, correctly name the amount you paid for your taxi to the event, the receipt was sealed in an envelope right until the last moment.

63 Guardian Angel: The deck of the tarot is cursed after the spectator “breaks the rules”.

67 The Spirits Be With You: The spirits guide your spectator to select two tarot cards over the rest.

75 Sightless Dupe: An on stage image duplication where you are blindfolded. No use of electronics, peeks or pre-show.

81 Bookworm: A thought of word is divined. A subtlety for any book test.

85 The Hand: Control a spectator to deal to the card that completes your poker hand.

97 The Ongoing Argument: My take on the ongoing arguments of mentalism.

103 A Stranger Selection: A thought of card is seen to be the only card missing from a red deck, then is found in a blue deck.

109 An Even Stranger Selection: Another method for having a card vanish from one red deck and appear in a blue deck.

113 A Passing Thought: A close up, impromptu image duplication.

117 Pre-show Vandal: A subtlety for double speak on pre-show work by a spectator.

123 Second Philling for Graffiti: Spectator thinks of any word in the English language, never writes anything down and you name it.

127 Open Transmission: Continuing my obsession with two person telepathy effects, one person thinks of a design and another receives it, on stage with no pre-show.
137 Sitting On Rose Petals: A chair prediction with a classical twist.

143 Double Influence: Using your powers of psychology you influence a spectator to select just the right card to match your prediction in one of five envelopes.

149 Thickening the plot: The way in which I construct my routines and act, as a model for your thinking.

155 Convincing Coins: This is a utility move for the coin worker or metal bender.

159 Numerically Correct: You predict a thought of number in a comical manner.

167 Hand Outs: Further solutions for the selection of the correct card to complete the poker hand.

171 A Service with Influence: A major prediction effect with add-a-number in a real world context.

177 Bloodline Divine: A living and dead test with a surprise divination.

185 Digit: A prediction of a four digit number which fools time and again.

191 Pasteboard Lab Test: Mind reading with cards under test conditions, another one for the sceptics.

199 Sympathy: Any card at any number, no moves, only thoughts.

205 On the Line: Using body language techniques you locate the money every time.

209 Telepathy with Technology: The spectator reads the mind of the performer.

213 Passing The Power: The spectators read each others minds.

221 Grace: The spectator uses his powers of ESP to great success.

227 Thought Conduction: The spectator conducts a thought he couldn’t possibly know.

233 All is Fair: A subtlety for getting people to do what you want them to do.

236 Additional Ideas: Some bits and pieces of thoughts

And now here is my review of some of the effects. This review only reflects MY personal opinion. So... with that in mind, lets go:

Subliminal Summer - Very nice use of multiple outs. When I first tried this effect I got very good reactions. As you said in your book: it's light-hearted but should not be underestimated. By the way, you wrote: "... and very few of us associate Italy with a family holiday...", here in Germany everybody drives to Italy in the summertime since it only takes a couple of hours to get there AND because it's not really expensive, so for the german audience my strongest out is Italy (but I know it's different if you live in the states). Just a little note

Ultimate Connection - This one fooled some good magicians, I love your script and timing and people really think you never touched the deck. Brilliant wording!

Mirage - As I wrote in another thread: The instant stooge method is ingenious. I always love when one spectator apparently reads the mind of another spectator. Amazing!

Cold Bending - It's a nice switch, but since I don't do bends... nothing for me. But maybe one day it comes handy in another coin routine

Jackpot - Takes guts to perform. I really like the envelope gimmick and I found use of it in some of my routines. This gimmick is for the real worker.
Lotto routines are always nice, especially when the audience "predicts" the numbers. Great work!

Taxi - An opener which sounds really nice, but in my eyes (for my needs) not strong enough. (but I still love the gimmick )

Guardian Angel - I believe that people do get scared, the story is quite nice! Like it!

Spirits Be With You - same as above

Sightless Dupe - I LOVE this one. The use of the code is so bold and effective. Beautiful thinking!

Bookworm - Very nice principle... clever

Stranger Selection/An Even Stranger Selection - I really like effects where the thought of card vanishes from the deck and reappears in another one. I would never perform these kind of effects at the moment since they don't fit my performance character (too magicy; did I make this word up?! ... I guess you know what I mean). Nice combination of your stacked deck (brilliant!!) and the brainwave deck though!

A Passing Thought - Reminded me of Kuff's drawing dupe from his "Mind Stunts" video. But it's quite nice for walk-around!

Pre-Show Vandal - I love the amount of thought you put into this principle. Believe me, this is something I will use for a long time.

Open Transmission - One of my personal highlights in this book. This was the first effect I read when it arrived at my door. And I love it!!! The principle is devious, your script is amazing, I like the story about rapport. You thought of everything. I get down on my knees
This one goes straight into my shows. At the moment I'm working on my own script for this effect. Brilliant!!! Btw: I use a rapid induction for the spectator that "receives" (and waits some seconds). It just adds another layer. This is truly a masterpiece!

Sitting On Rose Petals - Very nice and bold method. The ladys love it, and I enjoy the chocolate-eating preperation
And it always makes a nice impression to pick some beautiful ladys, get them on stage and give them a rose.

Convincing Coins - Again, a nice move to know

Nummerically Correct - I laughed when I read the script. I don't use the Swami much, but this effect is quite nice. Pretty cool ending. A joke...people laugh... offbeat... card is turned around... kicker ending

Hand Outs - Nice idea with the jumbo index. I will give it a try. This one is all about spectator management. Like it!

A Service With Influence - Cool idea with the restaurant bill. Again, the ending (bill switch) doesn't really fit my performance character, but it feel it's quite nice. (Very visual and an interesting litte twist on the classic add-a-number plot!)

Bloodline Divine - Parents an their children. Nice concept which I will defenitely use. The methods are not new but nicely combined. I especially like the ending where you take out the card and read the name off first and then let the spectator turn around your impressions on the board.

Digit - When I first read the effect it sounded like a pipedream to me. I just couldn't imagine how you would be able to do this effect. Brilliant and devious method!!! Another highlight in this book!

Pasteboard Lab Test - Amazing effect under test conditions. This one will fool many performes who think they know everything. Beautiful stooging method. I'm currently working on this principle... nice work!

All in all... an amazing book which really enlightened me. I love his thoughts on different topics and I'm really happy to say that he is a person who puts thought in each and every effect. I love the way he puts layers into his creations and makes them almost impossible to backtrack. I wished there were more performers out there (and I'm also talking about the few lucky ones who have their own tv shows) who put so much work into our art as Kennedy does.
It was a pleasure to read this book and it gave me much inspiration

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