Ken Dyne - Primal Prediction PDF

Ken Dyne - Primal Prediction PDF

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Ken Dyne - Primal Prediction

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You walk on stage and toss out a Frisbee to select someone by tossing a paper ball out in to the audience. The person joins you on stage and receives applause as they do. Your volunteer is introduced to three sealed envelopes. One red, one blue and one green. She is given the free choice of any one of the envelopes. For example, she chooses blue. The blue envelope is handed to her. You open the other two envelopes. Inside each of them is a piece of paper with the words ‘Do Not Choose’ and a large ‘X’ drawn on them. The volunteer is asked to open her envelope. She opens it, she removes the piece of paper inside and she reads it out loud: “Please DO choose this envelope. Especially if you’re a young lady with dark hair, wearing a grey dress, white shoes and a silver purse. You’re a calming influence over your friends and THAT is why you chose BLUE” The description matches her perfectly. The audience applauds and she leaves the stage amazed!IMPORTANT:

  • No Pre-Show.
  • You never meet any audience members before the show.
  • There is a free choice of any envelope.The volunteer opens her own envelope.
  • You NEVER need touch her envelope.
  • NO gimicked envelopes.
  • Nothing gimicked at all.
  • This routine does NOT rely on clever verbiage.
  • No dual reality, stooging or instant stooging at all.The contents of the envelopes are ALL written in large writing…NO nail writing.
  • Nothing is loaded in to her envelope AND she can keep both envelope and the paper she removes from it. There is nothing to find.

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