Ken Dyne - Brainwashed (PDF + Graphics)

Ken Dyne - Brainwashed (PDF + Graphics)



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Ken Dyne - Brainwashed

PDF + two Graphics download

Throughout the performance two images are on display, either
sitting on the table if working close up, or standing printed
large on easels either side of the stage.

The volunteer(s) make a series of choices and create a word,
an apparently random word from the English language (I don’t
use a book for this – I’ll share with you several methods for
doing this without using a book that looks a helluva lot more
fair and creative).

Once they are convinced that this indeed a fair selection
you show your prediction and you’re right. THEN (and here’s
where BRAINWASHED comes in) you show how these two apparently
innocent images literally branded this word and ONLY this
word right on to the walls of their mind.

You’ll get:

- Full performance descriptions for close up and stage (very
- The professional graphics to photocopy, print and use (the
work that went in to these is ridiculous btw).
- Multiple methods for achieving the effect for both close up
and on stage, that look equally fair and extremely logical.

Here is a fresh, new and innovative revelation that closed my show.
And although I’m sharing with you a bunch of methods for essentially
forcing the word, what I’m sharing here is this unique revelation.

Price: £20.00


1. Does this force one of a few possible outcomes? No. The outcome is always the same, there are no multiple outs.
2. Will it work in a non-English language? The principle will absolutely work in any language. However the graphics supplied reveal the word “Water”.
3. Will this work performing on the moon whilst playing the banjo? Ask Sheila.

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