Todd Diamond - F*ck Street Magic

Todd Diamond - F*ck Street Magic

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Take to the streets with Todd Diamond as he presents three incredible routines in his own inimitable style. With traditional magic as a springboard, Todd launches into his own dynamic versions of "Spellbound," his personal gimmick-free N.F.W. called "No F*cking Way," and his in-your-face ambitious card routine: "Birds & Bees."

In the studio, you will learn every nuance of these real worker routines, time-tested all over the world and on television, with Todd's own patented craziness in every minute.

This video not only teaches you these POWERFUL effects but also delivers unparalleled insider's-only views on PERFORMANCE and PRESENTATION—the kind of experience and knowledge that takes years for a professional performer to develop in the real world.

As a special bonus—worth the price of the DVD alone—you get a rare glimpse into the astonishing life of James Dimmare, one of the world's most recognized and respected professional entertainers.

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