How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger (PDF download)

How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger (PDF download)

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How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph Dunninger

Conduct your very own full-light, semi-dark or full darkness spirit séance!

Dunninger, the world-famous mentalist and psychic debunker, presents this revealing book on how to present séances that are every bit as exciting - and use the same methods - as the ones that psychics charge their suckers big money to see.

Your audience will believe that you can commune with the spirits, perform test condition séance experiments including rope ties, spirit manifestations, revealing questions from departed loved ones, spirit cabinet effects, automatic writing, spirit voices, the fingertip aura, billet switches, table raps, bottled spirit test, spirit raps, and much more.

Written in an engaging and humorous style, this ebook takes you by the hand as you master the various facets of the medium's craft. We were amazed to see individual secrets that previously sold for $10 and up revealed here, including some do-it-yourself methods to save even more money.

Whether you perform these experiments to spice up your regular magic or mentalism routine, perform a few tests as part of an exposé to educate the public about psychic fraudsters, or simply perform as a medium for the annual charity haunted house fundraiser, you are going to love this ebook.

"How to Make A Ghost Walk presents a variety of methods for message reading and other pseudo-mediumistic effects, alone or with an assistant. The methods are clever and well described. Will fool any spectator." - Victor Farelli review in The Sphinx

1st edition 1936, PDF 105 pages.
word count: 26539 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text