Todd Theman - Bullet Proof

Todd Theman - Bullet Proof

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Todd Theman - Bullet Proof

As wel as being the creator of the best-selling dice effect "Hard S", Todd Theman is one of the most

sought after close-up performers in the Los Angeles area. His clientelle include some of the most

powerful figures in the entertainment industry including actors, directors, producers, and motion

picture studio executives.

Now, for the first time ever, he reveals his original sleight of hand techniques. By tipping these

closely guarded secrets, Theman will provide you with dynamic tools that are designed for use in the

real world to create intense, close-up miracles that can be performed with an ordinary borrowed pack of

playing cards, sealed or standing, any place, any time!

Check it Out!

'Theman's Mix': An in the hand false riffle shuffle that is indestinguishable from the real thing!
'T3': A card is switched during the simple action of turning it over with an apparently empty hand!

Can be performed as the ultimate force, or even face up for a fast, clean color-change!
'Swith': A one card slow motion color change performed in the hands that has to be seen to be

believed! Larry Jennings called it the ''Best he'd ever seen''!
'Poker Packet Switch':A participant shuffles their pack of cards as often as they like and deals

you a poker hand. With absolutely no suspicious moves whatsoever, the hand is turned over to reveal a

'Pollakased': Two completely original methods for discovering a chosen card in an ordinary card

box. In both methods, the card can be signed! Again, no suspicious moves
And Many More -- Including His PRIZE EFFECT: 'Outta My House!'

So grab a pack, roll up your sleeves and get ready for some knuckle busting!

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