Reel Magic Episode 5 (Johnny Thompson)

Reel Magic Episode 5 (Johnny Thompson)

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Reel Magic Episode 5 (Johnny Thompson)


Andrew Pinard
legendary performer Johnny Thompson and Andrew sit down for Part One of a conversation covering his early years, character development, the creation of The Great Tomsoni & Co. and the importance of Vernon

At the Magic Castle
Kozmo interviews Gregory Wilson on creating patter: "from page to stage"


Simon Lovell
-Simon Said It!
What's more important: the magician or the trick?

Garrett Thomas-Try This At Home
breaking down the moves to make your magic flow

Jon Armstrong-Small Things, Big Difference
On the "Biddle Grip"


David Regal
-Tricks of the Trade

Wayne Kawamoto-Choice Cuts
Eugene Burger discusses his new DVD -- Eugene Burger Presents: Exploring Magical Presentation

Bonus Tricks:

Johnny Thompson
"The Biddle Trick"
from Johnny Thompson: Commercial Classics of Magic, Volume 3 published by L&L Publishing

Liam Montier-
"Visual Voodoo"
from The Wicked World of Liam Montier, Volume 1 published by Big Blind Media

Gregory Wilson-"Kissing Up"
from Gregory Wilson: In Action, Volume 2 published by L&L Publishing

Running TimeApproximately 120min