Reel Magic Magazine Season 1 of TNT (Tuesday Night Tricks)

Reel Magic Magazine Season 1 of TNT (Tuesday Night Tricks)



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Reel Magic Magazine Season 1 of TNT (Tuesday Night Tricks)

TNT: Season 1

“Box of Doom” – John Bannon
The great John Bannon teaches an “impossible” card to impossible location routine.

“Breakaway Bracelet” & “Ring on Rubberband” – Vinny “The Godfather” Marini
Vinny teaches two killer rubber band tricks, one on a spectator’s arm and the other using a borrowed ring.

“Aces to Kings” – Idan Kaufman
Idan finds the mates of a selected Ace, then instantly changes all of them into Kings.

“Blank Ambition” – Suzanne
Suzanne teaches a killer multi-phase ambitious card routine using a blank deck.

“Psychic Pickpocket” – Liam Montier
Liam uses a pickpocket storyline to find an individual card selected by a spectator within a 5-card reversed packet in a regular deck.

“Boyd Mystery” – Bill Abbott
Bill tells the story of The Boyd Gang, a true story of a man who escaped from Canadian prisons twice! This effect is all about the presentation and the possibilities are endless!

“Degrees of Board-Dom” – Ryan Schlutz
Ryan performs a card prediction routine based on John Bannon’s “Degrees of Freedom” and Simon Aronson’s “Shuffle Board.”

“The Dream” – John T. Sheets
The debut season of Tuesday Night Tricks begins with John T. Sheets performing a simple, but effective mentalism routine using a business card.

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