Ken Dyne - Future Visions by Ken Dyne Kennedy

Ken Dyne - Future Visions by Ken Dyne Kennedy

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Ken Dyne - Future Visions by Ken Dyne Kennedy

If you could tell what the headlines would be next Saturday this is pretty much how that prediction would look. I was asked to perform a headline prediction for the press a few years back and knew I needed something that would work under very tight conditions. So imagine if you will:

Weeks before the performance you mail an envelope to your client.

On stage you have them confirm that they indeed have had it in their possession for a number of weeks, that no one has tampered with it. They confirm that it is still sealed and their own signature is across the seal.

She stands across the stage from you and opens the envelope, removing a large piece of folded paper. After unfolding the paper she reads out your prediction of exactly what is printed on the front page of that day’s newspaper!

You never touch the prediction yet you are always 100% accurate.

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