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Joshua Jay Reel Magic Magazine Live



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Joshua Jay Reel Magic Live !

Joshua Jay comes to the Reel Magic Studios to share some of his favorite parlor work and some never-released close-up material.

During his two-hour lecture, Joshua shares:

    Any Card at Any Page Number: For many years this was Joshua’s signature effect.
    Back in Time Plus: Joshua’s take on a Jay Sankey triumph routine.
    Think as I Think: The video debut of this killer walk around routine.
    Signs: Joshua’s “magician fooler” for the lecture!
    Reverse Logic: Go back in time with this parlor opener.
    The Curious Case of the Card in the Pocket: A Sherlock Holmes-themed mem deck routine.
    The Trojan Deck: Joshua’s parlor closer, using his Trojan Box gimmick.

All this and more in this amazing lecture!

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