Czech Poker by Jason Ladanye (Video Download)

Czech Poker by Jason Ladanye (Video Download)



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Czech Poker by Jason Ladanye (Instant Download) This is good. REALLY good. And so easy, that if you can hold a deck of cards, you can fool anybody with this trick. 

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"Jason Ladanye has really put the work in on this one. The method is clever, and the effect is awesome. I’m mad he’s sharing it with the community and not just me." - Erik Tait

"Excellent routine - fun, engaging, strong premise with an impossible finish. Expert card magic from Jason Ladanye." - Michael Vincent

"I’ve been performing this routine ever since Jason showed it to me in its final form. I’m constantly astounded at how he finds all the subtle touches that turn a self-working idea into a miracle. This sucker will knock an audience on its collective butt over and over. I know, because I’ve done it over and over, on real gigs for real people." – Tony Cabral

"No effect this easy should be this powerful. But that's part of Jason's genius." – Darwin Ortiz

"Killer diller, all meat and no filler - yet another fooler from one of this generation’s most talented creators." - Andrew Wimhurst

Jason Ladanye is known around the world for his cutting edge sleight of hand and beautifully designed effects. But what does he do when the chips are down and he wants to blow someone away?

Czech Poker

No gimmicks. No sleight of hand. A self working miracle.

In Czech Poker you introduce your audience to a brand new version of poker where your audience does all the dealing. In fact, they can even continue the dealing process and change their hand to be as strong as possible. They make all the choices, and even shuffle the cards. At the end, even though the audience made all the moves, you win the game with a perfect royal flush.

Jason also teaches how to do Czech Poker with a four of a kind so you can use it as an ace production, as well as provides all the performance tips to make this a stunner. In addition you’ll learn the Ladanye Hideout Concept, an underground piece of card work that pros are saying is worth the price of the download. Czech Poker is a self working miracle that will make you look like the real expert at the card table.