SEO Magic - Shattered Coin (MP4 Video Download)

SEO Magic - Shattered Coin (MP4 Video Download)



Products Description

Shattered Coin by SEO Magic
(online instructions download only)

You might have seen or performed many coin tricks, and there are many coin magic effects.

There is no doubt that one of the best coin magic effects is “Changing the original shape of the coin”, such as “Bending coin”, “Bite-out Coin”, “Making a hole on the coin”, etc…. 

We want to introduce the new coin magic effect to those best coin effects. 

It’s not only giving the spectator strong impact, but also leave funny, yet mysterious.

It’s practical, so easy to add your own coin magic routine. Of course, you can use this magic as new finale of coin routine. 

In the explanation DVD, 4 practical routines are introduced.

Squeeze - 
Ask the spectator to examine the coin. When the magician grabs the coin in his fist, the coin breaks into pieces.

Slap -
Slap the coin with hand, then coin breaks into pieces. As easy as “Squeeze” (see above), it’s more visual.

Spoon - 
Slap the coin with spoon. In the next moment, the coin breaks into pieces. 
(To perform this effect, you need to use “Expanded shell” (half dollar) and a spoon. These items are NOT included, please provide your own. We carry “Expanded Shell” (half Dollar) by Kreis. We offer you special price for “expanded shell by Kreis” by purchasing BOTH. 

Restored - 
Grab the pieces of shattered coins into the fist. Magically, the pieces restore to the original coin shape!
(To perform this effect, you need to use a thumb tip. Please provide your own).