Ken Dyne's Passed Out Deck (Video + PDF)

Ken Dyne's Passed Out Deck (Video + PDF)

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Ken Dyne's Passed Out Deck
Ken Dyne has opened every show with this for the past 5 years. Totalling more than 1,000 performances of this incredible revolution in the ‘tossed out deck’.

“Finally You Can Name The Three Cards Individually!”

Imagine fanning a deck of cards to show them all different (there’s even a Joker in there).

Now you wrap a couple of rubber bands around the deck to secure them.

You now hand the deck to three different people, who each take a peek at a card while your head is turned.

The deck is then dropped in your pocket and yet you are able to immediately point to the first person, name his card, then to the second person and name his card and then point right at the third person and name her card.

All without peeking anything from the deck at all.

All three people can talk to one another afterwards and the effect for them is identical to that of the rest of the audience, making this the first ‘tossed out deck’ that can be performed close up!

This is a real-world professional grade routine and requires:

No questions or pumping of any kind at all…
No peeks or glimpses…
No sleight of hand…
No need to split the deck up or control where in the deck they peek at (unlike other versions)…
No ambiguity what-so-ever. You name the three cards individually, one at a time…
No Hoy principal…
No rough an smooth…
No pre-show…
No dual reality or stooging…
No electronics…

Detailed Video + PDF Instructions of everything Ken has learned from more than 1,000 performances of Passed Out Deck for real people all over the world. Every nuance is included including his rational behind the use of the playing cards, why he wraps the deck in rubber bands and how he ensures this is remembered as an incredible mental demonstration instead of just another card trick.
PLUS: A bonus effect which allows you to reveal a 4th thought of card!

Q. Does the video of Steven Bridges performing only show the ‘best’ way the trick can go?
No. The video is exactly how Passed Out Deck appears every single time.

Q. Could 2 people end up thinking of the same card?
If you’d like them to, yes. Otherwise no.

Q. What’s the smallest number of people you could perform this for?
Ken has performed Passed Out Deck for three friends over dinner and audiences up to 2,000 people at a large global conference and 3,000 in a theatre. The effect is identical and nothing is compromised.

Q. How do you justify wrapping rubber bands around the deck before handing it out?
My script is to say that I want to ensure that they don’t “drop the cards all over the floor and slow things down, or worse…look silly” In the video demonstration of Steven performing he talks about making the cards ‘magic proof’.

Q. Are any other effects possible with the PoD?
There is a bonus 4th card revelation included in the full video instructions. I also use one of the thought-of cards as part of a prediction at the end of the show.

Q. How are the instructions supplied?
Fully illustrated written instructions are in the box with your Passed Out Deck. However I have also recorded detailed video instructions which take you through every nuance I have learned through performing this routine as my opener for more than 5 years. These are accessible through a private link that is detailed inside of the box too. I have opted to not include a DVD because, honestly – who buys DVDs anymore right? In a world where Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes has killed off the physical media I thought I’d follow suit. This also means I can add in extra information should anyone need further clarification so this way i can keep you bang up to date.

Q. Are there any language restrictions?
Nope. There is no special wording or anything involved. This should work in pretty much every language I imagine.

Q. Is this just another Tossed Out Deck?
The effect that the audience remembers of ToD is that three people think of playing cards by peeking at one from a deck that is out of the performer’s hands – and then the performer reveals them. In that way yes it is a ‘tossed out deck’. However what I wanted to achieve with PoD is that the three people can freely talk to each other afterwards and not ruin the effect. Plus I never liked the throwing the deck around element of ToD – to me that was a little untidy for my style and at parties, conferences etc I don’t feel it’s appropriate for my audiences to be throwing a deck of cards around where they might end up having to crawl under a table to fetch the deck, or worse – the deck hitting someone on the head (which I have seen happen!).


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