Ken Dyne - Hijacked by Ken Dyne

Ken Dyne - Hijacked by Ken Dyne

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Hijacked by Ken Dyne

(Instant Download)Straight out of Ken's show. The ultimate mind-reading card trick.

Hijacked is a show stopper. Imagine reading all the minds in an ENTIRE ROOM.

Here's what happens.
1. Members of your audience are given cards to shuffle.

2. After the entire deck has been thoroughly shuffled and re-assembled, one spectator deals several cards to the table.

3. She takes those cards and concentrates on them.

4. From across the room, you are able to name every single card in her hand.

5. Taking it ONE MASSIVE STEP FURTHER, you have MULTIPLE members of the audience think of cards, which you name one-by-one as you look each individual in the eye.

* No marked cards
* No questions
* No "pumping"

Ken Dyne is one the busiest working mentalists in the world and Hijacked has been his signature mind-reading card routine.

You will LOVE the Hijacked method because it is easy, practical and THOROUGHLY audience tested. No gimmicks, no complex moves, just a standing ovation you can carry in your pocket.

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