Kennedy - Impromptu Mystifier By Ken Dyne

Kennedy - Impromptu Mystifier By Ken Dyne

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Impromptu Mystifier By Ken Dyne

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Have you ever been caught out when someone says "show me something"? I have put all of my ideas thoughts and feelings toward impromptu magic and mentalism in to this e-book. Not only do you get my thoughts and theory around how performing Impromptu can turn in to some of the most profitable performances, but i have included my entire personal impromptu act in detail. You will never be stuck for something to do and what's more you will understand exactly how to turn that apparent off the cuff moment in to money and bookings. WARNING: This book will challenge the way you think and feel.

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Full 5 stars

Kennedy is one of the best up-and-coming UK mentalists. This book, his first, is loaded with sage wisdom about using off-the-cuff performances to build your reputation and get jobs. Ken speaks from experience, and his essays are spot-on. He then outlines his impromptu routine, which--if memory serves me--has five effects. They are all at least good, a couple are excellent, and one, his Window of Opportunity peek, I think is fantastic. I always keep a few of the specially folded business cards with me to do it and have, in fact, expanded his original presentation. While it's a tad more complicated than Acidus Novus, the Corinda peek, or that cool billet opening thing that Richard Osterlind has demonstrated on a couple of his DVDs, a few days of practice idly doing the move with my left hand was more than enough time to get pretty good at it. It's a worker.

I'm fairly sure that the title The Impromtu Mystifier is a tip of the hat to the great Bob Cassidy and his The Impromptu Psychic. While that work may have more routines, I think that this book is the better value for its outstanding advice on mentalism in general--and that great peek.


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